Aquicorn Cove by Katie O’Neill

Aquicorn Cove by Katie O’Neill

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“Even if other people are harming the reef, it doesn’t make it okay for us to do as well”


This story is such an amazing introduction to caring for the world, especially with the current events going on. It follows a young girl, Lana, as she and her Dad visit her aunt Mae at her beach town after a storm passed through. As Lana and her Dad assist with cleaning, a sea horse-like creature approaches Lana on the shore and returns some jewelry. When Lana presents it to her aunt, Mae explains that there is a secret underwater society that she used to visit. Soon, another storm blows through the small beach town, and Mae seems lost to the ocean. In an attempt to save her aunt, Lana approaches the ocean and asks for passage to the society. The same sea horse-like creature appears and takes her to the queen of the society, where her aunt is waiting for her safely. Aunt Mae and Lana and are taken back to the surface, and Lana and Mae promise to help the ocean in any way they can.

There are several messages throughout the book that makes this a wonderful read for anyone, not just children. First off, there is the message of losing a parent, and dealing with the change that comes with that. Throughout the story it is made known that Lana’s mother passed away from a similar storm in the beach town she and her father are visiting. She loves visiting the town because it reminds her of her mother, and wishes she didn’t have to go back to the city where she lives. Second, there is the message of the importance of the ocean. Throughout the story, Mae tries to defend why she and her town take so much from the ocean. When the second storm hits and Lana rescues her aunt, Mae agrees that people tend to take advantage of the ocean, and their village is no exception. The end of the story shows Lana and Mae making any small changes they can to protect the ocean, and encourages the reader to do so as well.

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