Hair Love by Matthew A. Cherry

Hair Love by Matthew A. Cherry

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Zuri is a little girl who has crazy curly hair and loves it. She shows the reader all the ways she loves styling her hair. But today is a special day, and she needs a special hairstyle for it. Zuri finds her Dad sleeping and decides to try and figure out how she wants her hair by herself. After some time, her Dad wakes up, and together they start trying hairstyles. After a few, Zuri figures out what she wants, and her Dad works hard to make it happen. When it’s all finished, her Mom comes home, and states that Zuri is the prettiest supergirl she’s ever seen! Zuri’s Mom gives her whole family a hug, and the story ends.

I would highly recommend this book for any child. There are so many things about this book I love. First of all, the illustrations are so well done, they are detailed (especially the details in Zuri’s hair) and soft. Second, I love the characters the illustrator designed. I love that the Dad is younger, has tattoos, and dresses similarly to Millennials because that’s who’s having kids now! It was very refreshing to see someone my age in a child’s book. Finally, I loved the story itself. It not only had a family of color as the main characters, but it fought so many stereotypes about African-Americans in such an understated way. It wasn’t in your face about it, it was simply an extremely well-done children’s book.

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