Hilda and the Bird Parade by Luke Pearson

Hilda and the Bird Parade by Luke Pearson

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Hilda and her mother used to live in the forest, where Hilda was free to explore, play, and discover. But when she and her Mom move into a big village on the mountainside, Hilda’s mother becomes nervous, overprotective and angry. She doesn’t want Hilda to go out and explore or play. But some of Hilda’s friends from school ask if she can go out, and her mother reluctantly agrees. After spending some time with the children (which Hilda did not enjoy), the kids all find themselves at a park, where they throw rocks at birds. They hit one, and all the kids run away except Hilda. She asks the bird if he is okay, and the bird responds! He lost his memory, but knows he’s important. So Hilda offers to take him home and help him get better. On their way home they become lost, and Hilda’s mother becomes scared. Thinking she may be at the bird parade, Hilda’s mother leaves to go find her. Hilda also thinks maybe her mother is at the parade and goes to find her. On her way, the bird she saved remembers everything, and flies away. Once at the parade, Hilda becomes overwhelmed by the people there, and is eventually saved by a giant raven, who is in fact, the bird she saved earlier. He takes her to her Mom and they are reunited.

I would recommend this book for all ages, not just children. I’m reading these books out of order but each is a beautifully written and illustrated story. Though there is definitely an order to the series, each book can be read on its own, I feel. As all the books in the series, this book focuses on the relationship between the mother and Hilda, and I think that is so important. So many children’s books show a happy relationship between parents and child, but there aren’t many that show relationships that are strained. Though Hilda and her mother love each other very much, they are different people and fight often about what is right. I think these stories perfectly display the balance between two very different people who love each other.

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