Hilda and The Stone Forest by Luke Pearson

Hilda and The Stone Forest by Luke Pearson

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Hilda lives in a small down next to a mountain with her mother, her pet fox creature, and Tontu, a magical, hairy being. She is extremely adventurous, maybe too adventurous for her mothers’ sake. After spending days outside on crazy adventures, her Mom says she needs to spend the day with her. They go to the market, have a picnic, and play a board game. But Hilda becomes impatient, wanting to go back out and have more adventures. At night, she sneaks off with her bird-friend and flies through the night. When she gets home she is grounded. Angry, Hilda ropes Tonto into using his magic to set her free, and her mother finds her. They are both transported into the mountains caves, where the trolls live, and have to escape. They run into several trolls but realize there is one troll who is a bully. At one point her Mom gets stuck in the bully’s bedroom, and Hilda saves them. They run away and find a troll and her baby, who hid them for a time. When they try to escape again, the bully troll chases them, and just as they are about to be caught, they find their way out of the cave. The book ends with Hilda, her Mom, and her fox-pet home safe, except in the morning Hilda and the troll baby have switched places! 

I would highly recommend this book for anyone to read, not just children. The illustrations are gorgeous and colorful and cute, while the story is one we’ve all experienced: our mothers not understanding us. I think Hilda is how we all wish we could be, brave, defiant, and adventurous. Though a bit naive, her heart is in the right place. I think the author perfectly balanced the story where children will relate to Hilda, and adults will relate to the mother. Overall a wonderful story, and even reading it out of order, it is a joy to read.

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