Hilda and The Troll by Luke Pearson

Hilda and The Troll by Luke Pearson

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Hilda is a young girl who lives in the forest with her mother, pet fox creature, and the occasional wood man visitor. After enjoying a cozy night inside her tent outside during a storm, Hilda decides to spend the day walking around the mountains and drawing pictures. She sees odd shaped rocks, flying dog-like creatures, and even a sea spirit. But when she runs into a troll rock, she freaks out. Troll rocks are rare at this end of the mountain, and Hilda feels it necessary to draw him. She places a bell onto his nose in the event that he wakes up, and begins drawing. After a long day, she ends up falling asleep, and wakes up to find the troll rock has disappeared. Frightened, Hilda runs into the forest only to become lost. She eventually finds the wood man’s home, who returns her to her home. The troll ends up coming to her home and while she is frightened, she realizes that he simply wants the bell taken off of his nose, and to return her sketchbook. 

I would highly recommend this for anyone to read, not just children. The illustrations are so beautiful, you feel like you are really there with Hilda and her pet. Hilda herself has a quirky personality, enjoying the thrill of adventure and the scares that come along with it. The story is so sweet, innocent, and short. It doesn’t go into too much detail, which I wish it did, but it’s enough for children to enjoy and adults wanting more. 

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