Music for Mister Moon by Philip C. Stead

Music for Mister Moon by Philip C. Stead

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Harriet Henry loves to play her cello, but only for herself. When her parents ask her if she is excited to play in an orchestra she says no. Once in her room, Harriet transforms the room into a small house, with a fireplace, and a chair, and a small table, and a teacup. As she goes to play her cello, an owl comes and starts making noises. Annoyed at the owl, Harriet throws her teacup at him. Once he leaves she sets up to play again when her small house starts to smoke. She climbs out her window only to find the moon on her chimney. He had been hit by her teacup and fell out of the sky. Regretful for she had done, Harriet befriends the moon and takes him around town to get a hat, and take a boat ride among other things. When it was time for him to leave, Harriet helps him get back up to his spot in the sky, and plays for just him, as long as he promises not to cheer or look at her. 

I would highly recommend this book. Stage fright is something that people who haven’t experienced would understand. It is especially difficult for children to go through. Though Harriet’s parents weren’t outright upset at her, they clearly didn’t understand or listen to her about her dreams to play her cello alone. Throughout the story it is shown that Harriet didn’t mean to hurt the moon, and makes up for it by befriending him and helping him get a hat and row a boat. When the moon asks her to perform, she says only if he promises to not look or cheer. And he agrees. And then she plays! I feel this shows parents as well as children that asking for something odd doesn’t mean it’s ridiculous. The moon knew Harriet better than her parents.

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