Nancy Clancy Super Sleuth by Jane O’Connor

Nancy Clancy Super Sleuth by Jane O’Connor

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This book follows a young girl, Nancy Clancy, and her love of mystery. She and her best friend, Bree, run a little Detective Agency and look up to Nancy Drew. Throughout this book, there are several mysteries that arise for Nancy and Bree to solve. What was their friend, Rhonda, hiding from Nancy? Who stole Mr. Dudeny’s marble? Who ripped a page from Nancy’s favorite Nancy Drew book? And why was her sister so sick? All of these mysteries are solved in a wonderful, whimsical telling.

I would recommend this book for many reasons. For one, the plot isn’t immediately obvious, so it keeps the readers engaged throughout the story. Another reason is that the author introduces new, larger words for children to understand. There aren’t too many complicated words, and those that are introduced are given a simple explanation so readers will understand. While this is definitely a key point of the book that I enjoyed, I did feel the author overdid it a little bit. Near the middle of the book, I felt that every other page was introducing a new word, and that took away from the story a bit. Still, it was overall a wonderful book, and interesting to read.

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