Nobody Hugs a Cactus by Carter Goodrich

Nobody Hugs a Cactus by Carter Goodrich

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A little cactus named Hank thinks he doesn’t need anyone in his life, so he is mean and rude to everyone who comes near him. At some point a cowboy passes by and says that nobody will ever hug him because of how prickly he is to other people. Hank suddenly becomes very aware that nobody wants to hug him, and for the first time feels lonely. When a cup gets stuck on his face and Rosie the tumbleweed saves him, he decides to grow a flower for her. After a few days it’s ready, and when Rosie passes by again he gives her the flower. She’s so happy that she jumps into a hug! Hank and Rosie become stuck together but are happy about it.

I would recommend this book for anyone. I think it really shows children that having a bad mood is okay, but it can’t last forever. Soon, the bad mood starts to affect others and then yourself. Being able to feel a bad mood, and then let it wash away, is so important, and I feel this book shows that. I also love that it shows Rosie being nice even after Hank was mean to her. That also shows that we shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, and to give everyone a second chance. If Rosie hadn’t saved Hank, he may have never gotten a hug. But because she decided to give him another chance they created a beautiful friendship.

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