Our World is Relative by Julia Sooy

Our World is Relative by Julia Sooy

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This book explained how our world is relative and nothing is set or fixed. The author gave great examples to illustrate this, such as a ruler is shorter in space, a clock ticks slower in space, and right and left is relative to you, as someone else’s left may be your right and vice versa. Each illustration was not only detailed in its design, but included actual measurements of things and the speed at which they move. It wasn’t overwhelming to see all the numbers, they were sprinkled into the book just right. The only thing that was a bit confusing was that the author didn’t give a definition of what relative means until the last page. 

I would recommend this book, but that would be mostly for the illustrations. The story itself is very short with little detail about what relative means or who invented it. I think overall it did a wonderful job of illustrating what the author was trying to say, that everything isn’t as it may seem, and we should be aware of that. The examples used were good for children to connect to, but I just felt there could’ve been more detail. Also, the fact that Albert Einstein and the definition of relative wasn’t mentioned until the end of the book was a missed opportunity. They should have been at the beginning of the book, so children could learn about relativity while reading.

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