Princess Princess Ever After by Katie O’Neill

Princess Princess Ever After by Katie O’Neill

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This book is about three misfits finding their place in the world. There is Sadie, a trapped princess, Amira, a runaway princess, and Butthead, a scared prince. After Amira rescues Sadie from her tower and finds Prince Butthead stuck in a tree, the three set off for adventure. During their journey they are met with a fierce villain who ends up being Sadie’s sister. She captures Amira in hopes that Sadie will come and she can turn her into a pig. Though Sadie is scared and emotional, she faces her sister to save Amira. Once Sadie’s sister has been dealt with, Sadie becomes queen, Prince Butthead becomes her advisor, and Amira becomes Captain. The book ends with a beautiful wedding between Amira and Sadie.

I would highly recommend this book for many reasons. First off, the illustrations are beautiful, Katie O’Neill is one of my favorite authors. The pictures are simple but soft, and pleasant to look at. Second, the story itself has many good lessons in it, including that it’s okay to be scared and emotional, it’s okay to find your own way, and it’s okay to stand up to family. It also beautifully shows a relationship between two girls blossom, and I think it was a wonderful way of introducing same-sex relationships.

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