Sad Underwear: And Other Complications by Judith Viorst

Sad Underwear: And Other Complications by Judith Viorst

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This book is broken up into sections, and each section has poems about it. For example, there is a section about moms and dad’s that reflect the day-to-day life of living with adults, and there is a section about questions, where the poems are about questions children may ask. The author did an excellent job in creating poems that children could relate to. In some of the works, the author talks about who decided that roses are flowers and dandelions are weeds, or who decided that burping was rude. In another example, the author talks about things that shouldn’t exist, such as getting cavities and liver for supper. All of these poems expertly give a look into the world of children. There are no existential topics such as death or love, but rather topics that actually affect children and their day to day life. 

I would highly recommend this book for anyone, not just children. Again, I really felt like the author got inspiration from Shel Silverstein. The poems were tailored to children and their everyday life, I felt like a child again reading them. They aren’t overbearing or sad, they merely discuss the inconveniences children experience. Who doesn’t wish they could talk about their mother’s infamous cooking skills, or having to apologize when they didn’t mean it? These are things children are learning about and living through, and it really does an excellent job of connecting with children on their level. Overall a wonderfully written book, with beautiful, minimal illustrations to complete it.

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