Sea Sirens: A Trot and Cap’n Bill Adventure by Amy Chu

Sea Sirens: A Trot and Cap’n Bill Adventure by Amy Chu

Image result for Sea Sirens: A Trot and Cap'n Bill Adventure by Amy Chu


“He wasn’t trying to save ANYONE. He’s just a cat!”

Trot, a young girl living off of Huntington Beach, California, loves nothing more than spending the day surfing with her cat, Cap’n Bill. While surfing during a storm Trot crashes into a wave, and almost loses her faithful companion, Cap’n Bill. As she dives into the water to save him, she is met face to face with mer-people, sirens! The sirens take Trot and Cap’n Bill back to their kingdom. While a festival begins, Trot’s grandfather shows up! He followed Trot and Cap’n Bill to the siren kingdom. But his dementia causes the sirens kingdom and a neighboring kingdom to almost come to war. How will Trot handle this predicament? 

I feel mixed about this book, like it was missing substance. I wanted to like it, the illustrations were luscious and beautiful, but the story needed some work. The relationship between Trot and Cap’n Bill seemed off, like the author was trying to make them seem close but it wasn’t landing right. The sirens themselves seemed overall bland and stereotypical, having predictable reactions to a human in their midst and dealing with enemy kingdoms. Overall, the story felt rushed and like it was missing details. The graphics are beautiful though.

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