Ten Rules of The Birthday Wish by Beth Ferry

Ten Rules of The Birthday Wish by Beth Ferry

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There are ten rules that must absolutely be followed when making a birthday wish. Those rules are depicted here in this book. There are rules that we all know of, such as making the wish and keeping it secret, but there are rules that maybe we hadn’t thought of, such as having a party, making a cake to share, and celebrating when it’s possible. This book was so inclusive, not only letting humans know how to celebrate a birthday, but animals as well. So many animals were mentioned in the book from insects, to camels, to sea urchins. Nobody was left out when making this book, and there was an exception to each rule to include everyone’s differences. 

I would highly recommend this book, for so many reasons. First of all, the illustrations are well drawn, cute, and depict what is going on in the funniest way possible. Second, the story is adorable, and joy-filled. Who doesn’t like talking about their birthday? The rules are pretty simplistic to follow and open to interpretation. Which leads to my next point, the fact that the book was so inclusive. I know it was referring to animals in the book, but letting the reader know that these rules aren’t hard and fast and have exceptions was wonderful. It lets everyone know who is reading it that no matter the differences, anyone can celebrate a birthday and make a magical birthday wish. Such a sweet book.

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