The Sad Little Fact by Jonah Winter

The Sad Little Fact by Jonah Winter

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There was once a sad little fact that nobody believed and everybody ignored. The sad little fact didn’t mind that nobody believed him, because a fact is a fact. But the fact police deemed him unnecessary, and told him to stop saying he was a fact or else. The sad little fact told them that he is a fact no matter what they do to him, and nothing can change that. So the fact police threw the sad little fact into a box and buried him underground, making sure no one would find him ever. Before the sad little fact had time to become more sad, he was greeted by many other facts that had been buried. They were all facts that nobody wanted to hear, and the sad little fact felt less lonely. Pretty soon, the fact police started created false facts, and everyone started noticing that the real facts were missing. In search of the truth, some people began digging for the real facts until they found them, and released them! Though there were some people who decided to ignore the facts, others decided that the truth was more important.

I cannot recommend this book enough for anyone to read, not just children. This book is magical in that it captures what is going on in the world currently without referencing anything. It is its own story, but also is a reminder that the truth isn’t always what we are presented with. Doing your own research and digging for the truth is necessary. Though children shouldn’t be bothered with adult problems like politics, or world issues, this is a wonderful introduction to prepare them for adulthood without burdening them with it. This is a fantastic book, and easily one of my favorites.

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