Witches of Brooklyn by Sophie Escabasse

Witches of Brooklyn by Sophie Escabasse

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*Huge thank you to Random House Graphic for an ARC in exchange for an honest review*


When Effie comes to stay at her aunt’s house, she quickly realizes that things are not as they seem. While Carlota and Selimene say they are simple naturalists, Effie can see they’re actually witches! When a celebrity needs her aunt’s help, Effie does all she can to assist them and in the process, learns about herself. 

So here we are again, with gays, witches, and adventures. Reading these books is my favorite part of this profession, and it will NEVER get old. So let’s dive right in! First, there’s the art. It’s beautiful, simple, a little quirky, and overall a treat for the ole eyeballs. I love the design of each character and how no two characters look anywhere similar to each other. It has a diverse group of people who come together to fight a common evil. I particularly love Effie’s pigtails and Selimene’s fashion choices. Both made me snort at random times throughout the story.

 I loved that the plot wasn’t too intense as it made for an overall enjoyable, relaxing read. To choose one favorite character would be difficult, but man I gotta give it to Francis, the librarian, who is in fact, an enchanted suit of armor. His dry, witty humor made me cackle every time, and he broke up any tension that the book may have been giving off. 

The story itself touched upon some really delicate topics like loss and love, but also the more grey areas of life like when you don’t like someone but like their art, and so on. The book doesn’t give a definitive answer to these problems, but rather shows parents and/or guardians how they could handle those difficult, grey area situations in the best way possible. I loved that about this book. As a child, I would find this comforting, and as an adult, I find this relieving to know that there are books out there who show that parents/guardians don’t have to have the answer to every question.

Such a wonderful little book, one that I will treasure when it’s time for me to have my own children.

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